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A Bit About Me

My mission is to empower each person and our community to be stronger, more peaceful, and creatively inspired; thereby supporting ourselves and each other in health and abundance. It is time to bring power back to our communities and care for each other. I invite each one to join me in caring as our thoughts and feeling determine our physical health. A balance in receiving and giving is key to manifesting a positive community. I suggest that each of us is a personal community, consisting of untold number of cells and particles, each with a consciousness that seeks to find synchronicity with the whole being. Welcome to holistic medicine and the real you.​

Originally, I practiced Traditional Oriental Medicine (TCM) in the San Diego area for eight years where I benefited from additional educational resources professional guidance. In 2004 I returned to Whitefish Montana and provided care in the upper Flathead area until 2018 when I joined the care team at Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic (YNC) in Billings, Montana.

I had the honor of being an acupuncture provider for Veterans. Most veterans who would never have considered acupuncture were referred by their Primary Care Providers. I can happily say almost all found some relief they had not enjoyed before.

Currently I am providing services for the greater West Yellowstone communities. Additionally, I enjoy being in nature, biking, hiking, skiing, running, meditating, relaxing, studying and following a healthy lifestyle. Please join me in being a positive force for each other and our community.

Welcome Travelers!

Please consider TCM to ease your ills and bring wellness. If you already have a provider, I can provide continuity of care during your travels and assist you with your herbal medicine needs.

Education and Licensing
  • MTOM: Masters or Traditional Oriental Medicine - Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM), San Diego, CA 1995

  • HHP: Holistic Health Practitioner - Advanced Massage Certification 1300 hours (PCOM) 1992

  • NCCAOM Acupuncture: National Examination and Certification 1996

  • NCCAOM Chinese Herbal Medicine: National Examination and Certification 1996

  • Certification Gynecology Seminar Series of Traditional Chinese Medicine by Dr. Yitian Ni (L.Ac, MD in China) from 1996 through 1999.

  • Studied Energy Healing Medicine with the Crucible program of the Universal Life Church for one year.

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