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Navigating Better Health With Acupuncture, Massage and Herbal Medicine James Madison, L.Ac. How can we best prepare to face unknown life challenges which arise unexpectedly? Being in your best state of health and emotionally positive ensures that you are best prepared to navigate challenges. A good plan is to have a balanced and comprehensive strategy. Areas to address are physical health, emotional and spiritual well-being, financial stability, rest, and recreation. We all know that physical health improves with exercise and good nutrition. You may be less aware of how your mental and emotional state affect your physical health, which in turn affects your vitality and feelings. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) provides excellent tools for improving health and vitality. TCM addresses the whole being. Both physical and emotional issues are treated simultaneously. The practitioner diagnoses imbalances by examining the pulse qualities and tongue, by looking at, asking questions, and listening to you. Although useful, lab tests and imaging such as x-rays or MRI are not initially required. The practitioner relies on these methods of TCM to determine the underlying causes of illness and to improve your constitution. Often acupuncture, herbal medicine, medical massage and other therapies are incorporated in a treatment. It is customary to see your TCM practitioner at the change of each season to maintain health and receive preventative treatment. If you are feeling pain, stress, fatigue or out of sorts, visit your practitioner before your discomfort progresses, and the condition becomes more difficult to treat. If you have been unwell, stressed in abnormal ways, use TCM to regain your vitality. After illness, the body is imbalanced; it may be weak, dehydrated, excess with mucus, or sluggish. Restoring balance and supporting your body to clear pathogens will enhance your wellbeing substantially. In Chinese medicine we say when you have good Shen you are healthy. A person with, Good Shen has radiant skin, face and eyes. They emit a feeling of inner strength with mental calmness. When healthy your body has an abundant electrical charge, which causes photons to emit more light. This light creates an aura which is indicative of physical and emotional well-being. In chronic disease deficiency increases causing weakness or low vitality. The cells are not optimally nourished producing dryness, and waste products are not efficiently eliminated, producing “dirty moisture” in the body. This seems contradictory having dryness and excess moisture; however, the more the contradiction the more body function is compromised. With skill a TCM practitioner will devise a balanced treatment plan which restores function, your Shen shine and energy. It is no secret that allopathic medicine is great at emergency care, and TCM shines treating chronic, degenerative conditions. TCM is a natural and wise choice for you when you are middle aged or older. That is when there is an even greater need to improve and maintain circulation, nutrition, moisture, digestive and other body functions. Hot flashes, menopause, libido, arthritis, pain, weakness, organ, tissue and bone health and elimination, are often minimized to greatly increase quality of life. Even eye health may improve with herbs and acupuncture. (This does not eliminate the need to see your eye doctor for examinations, and to monitor and treat serious conditions.) TCM has been used to slow down and prevent deterioration of eyesight. Always remember that your acupuncturist and doctor work together to provide you with the best care. Both serve important functions in total care. We have been challenged in so many ways these past years. Many of us have been isolated and are faced with loneliness, depression, anxiety, and fear about what is unpredictable. This affects our physical health. The need to be in good health is evermore highlighted. We need to take care of our needs. A good and acceptable choice for going out is to visit the Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic. to manage pain, regain your inner and outer Shen shine. Schedule a massage if you have pain or for relaxation. See our reviews on google maps. Being healthy is your best defense.

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