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considers the whole you, looking at the big picture, to treat the most complicated patterns, with a simplified and focused plan.

Each client establishes goals, we create a personal treatment plan and achieve meaningful outcomes. Acupuncture restores communication within the body systems essentially restoring function. Traditional Chinese medicine is useful for conditions where western medicine may not be achieving a good result, medications are not tolerated well, and is especially effective in the treatment of chronic conditions. Chinese Herbal Medicine provides nourishing factors, can be warming or cooling, and have other medicinal properties such as antibiotic,

anti-inflammatory and regulating. In China herbal medicine is the medicine most used. Chinese medical massage, "Tui-Na" effectively treats all conditions that acupuncture does using manual techniques. TCM excels at treating conditions by restoring function, which means treating the cause. Once acute symptoms subside, less frequent treatments prevent re-occurrence. TCM treats most conditions not considered 'Emergency' and works well with other types of therapies. Modern TCM includes traditional knowledge and the benefits of modern science. Often clients find TCM helped them more than other therapies. I am happy to communicate with other medical specialists and coordinate treatment strategies.


Complimentary 15-minute consultations are available in office or by phone.

I am here for you and those you care about.

New Patient Acupuncture 90 Min - 150$

Follow up Acupuncture 60 Min - 100$ 

Abbreviated Acupuncture 30 Min - 50$

4 Treatment Package  360$

8 Treatment Package 704$

Auricular (EAR) Treatment 20$

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